Having arrived in Texas at a time when every August day was climbing to well over  100 degrees with the humidity hovering around 200 percent daily, it was quite easy to not want to go outside and discover the new surroundings. Additionally, it was also hard to get motivated in the morning knowing what the temperature and humidity were going to be outside. One week after arriving it was about 11:00 A.M. and while I was in the shower on the second floor, I could hear the door bell ringing non stop for several minutes. Eventually, I was able to put jeans on and look at the door from one of the side windows. Standing at the door was a young man who I estimated to be about 17 or 18 years old. My immediate thought was he must be going door to door trying to sell something for his school football team or perhaps another high school cause. It was at this time he gave up and headed back to his car parked in front of the house on the opposite side of the road. As I watched, he went to the passenger side which was the street side and proceeded to open the back door. After it slammed, he went back to the drivers side and sped off. As I looked towards the street there was a small dog which I am sure he must have barely missed running over when he sped off. I watched as the small dog ran to the other side of the street while continuing to run-through several of the neighbors yards. I quickly went out in the steamy hot weather and called towards the little guy. He immediately stopped running and turned to look my way. Instantly, he turned around an came running back to me. The closer he got I could tell he was a miniature Schnauzer. He looked dehydrated and kind of ragged but as far as I could tell was groomed including a recent trimming with the nails cut. He was also decked out in a Dallas Cowboy coat and had a decent collar around his neck. The collar had tags on it so I immediately thought perhaps the young man who had found him didn’t know what to do with him after knocking on a few doors. In his infinite wisdom or lack thereof, he apparently couldn’t be bothered and decided to dump the dog in the revolting heat and humidity. After I petted him for a few seconds I immediately picked him up and brought him into the cool house. He immediately spotted the Blue Tics water bowl and headed over to it drinking for a few minutes. Occasionally, he took a break for air but would resume drinking. After getting his fill of cool water he started exploring the house and taking in the new surroundings. when he was done exploring he came back to me and I picked him up to look at the tags on the collar. One of the tags listed a veterinarian with last year’s vaccination dates on it. The veterinary clinic was in the next town over. I immediately called the facility and asked the young lady to lookup the tag number for me. Sure enough she got a hit and just as importantly told me his name was Bo. How he got the name Bo will forever be a mystery. Of course my first reaction was maybe he was named after either Bo Ellis, Bo Didley, Bo Jackson or Bo Schembechler. I knew the little guy hadn’t been named after Bo Derek as he was still intact (if you know what I mean.) I finally settled on the fact he was named after one of “My Boys” that being the great character actor Bo Hopkins. After I explained the story to her, she quickly gave the phone number on file a call and founded it was disconnected. She then said she would email the address given and let me know if they got a reply. Later that afternoon a return call from the staff indicated the email was not delivered. I asked her to try the phone number listed for Bo again and again it was disconnected. The number had not been called in error. She indicated the staff would continue to try to reach out to the people if it was at all possible. Before we hung up I was told I should contact the Forth Worth – Dallas Animal Control which was listed on the second tag on Bo’s collar. I immediately called the facility and was told I could drop Bo off anytime I desired which I indicated would be the next day as it was now getting late in the afternoon and one thing a person who lives in this area knows, you do not go near any toll way system here after 3;00 P. M. On any given day here in northern Texas, a thirty minute trip can easily turn into a 90 minute trip. Yes, traffic in this part of the country puts Chicago traffic to shame. That night Bo and the Blue Tics got along fine but there was no way Bo, the Queen and Princess could be near each other. It was a mutual dislike of each other for Bo and the cats. That night Bo slept on the pillow next to me. There was no doubt, he was thoroughly enjoying his stay. Later that day, I made the drive to the shelter with Bo hoping they could help return Bo to his home. As I entered the facility, you could sense death lingering in the air. The first woman I spoke to was rude and didn’t want to help me. It was is she couldn’t be bothered with just another animal. Another older gal watching us came up to me and was as kind and warm as can be. After explaining my story, I was directed to staff in the back who immediately helped me while looking up the number engraved on the Shelter’s tag. It indicated Bo had been there a few weeks earlier and had been chipped before being returned to the rightful owners who had contacted the shelter during their search for Bo. The additional number found thru the implanted chip was called and indicated the phone mailbox was full and not taking anymore messages. The manager of the facility who was also present during this said they would take Bo while continuing trying to reach the people. I immediately asked my options and he said to me “You know sir, there is nothing from stopping you from just leaving with him” while giving a wink. I immediately knew what he meant and he had already picked up in our conversation I was not going to leave Bo at the facility waiting to be adopted out or eventually euthanized. Yes, the smell of death was present and this was not going to be in Bo’s future as far as I was concerned. That night my daughter Keri Anne who volunteers on weekends at the facility said there was another option on the table if Bo’s owners could not be located. Keri indicated she would call a couple who take in small dogs primarily miniature Schnauzers to determine if they would be interested in taking my new found four legged friend. Keri Anne had met the retired couple, Bob and Janet at the shelter during her hours spent volunteering on weekends. That night Bo again slept on the pillow next to my head. Bo was a beautiful dog and I do believe he knew it. I sure did. As much as I wanted to keep him, I knew it just was not in the cards. I was determined though, to find Bo a new home which he would enjoy and the new owners would enjoy having him as much. Bob and Janet got back to Keri Anne the next day and we made arrangements to meet them the next evening. I wanted to give the Fort Worth – Dallas Animal Shelter and veterinary clinic one more day to find his owners in case Bo had accidentally gotten loose again. Such was not the case, Bo enjoyed his next day here and went with on the Blue Tics daily walk for the last time. That night Bob and Janet the owners of the Schnauzer/small dog rescue met us at their friend’s shop which bathes and pampers dogs in the next town over. They have been in business for several years and yes the Blue Tics now go there regularly for baths and pampering. Although it was extremely hard to let Bo go I knew it had to be done. Bob indicated he would be in good hands with them and they had already rescued over 100 Schnauzers since starting their journey after his retirement. That night I received a text indicating Bo was getting along great with the other rescues and running around in the backyard with the others after eating when they arrived at their house. While Bo was with them his shots were updated and yes the young man was relieved of two specific body parts to ready him for adoption. Periodic updates from Bob also included pictures of Bo. Bo had adapted to his temporary surroundings and I could tell Bob was going to find it hard to let him go just as I did, which he told me was the case a short time later. After spending about a month and a half with them, Bo was now ready for adoption to his forever home and Bob placed an ad in the local paper at the joint military base a few short miles away. Within a day, several calls were received and Bob and Janet filtered through all of the calls while also interviewing in person all of the applicants. I knew Bob and Janet were going to make sure Bo did not just go to anybody and as it turned out Bo didn’t. The officer selected was a career military man who traveled the country in his large Winnebago conducting government business. Better yet, he already had a miniature Schnauzer who travels with him. He advised Bob and Janet that although he travels, his dog gets plenty of walks while they are away on business, something he assured Bob would well be the case with Bo. Simply put, it was a case where all three would keep each other company while getting to see this great country of ours. He also advised Bob and Janet, he would keep a log of all their travels while sending periodic texts and pictures of the three of them on their travels.
In closing, it has been 3 months since Bo went to his forever home and he is having the time of his life. Bo and his new four legged buddy get along great and the three of them are having a great time together. Periodic updates and pictures show Bo occasionally riding shotgun during their travels as well as enjoying his daily walks. For Bo, it is a new home and a new adventure. Yes, a new beginning for Bo. Indeed it is Bo, indeed it is~

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Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn. In layman’s terms it’s called reality and that’s the world we live in, contrary to what you may believe. Yes, folks the Russian leaders more than likely tried to influence our November election but guess what – it happens everyday and by many of the countries who perform on the main stage of this small world of 206 sovereign nations.. Matter of fact, we only need to look at our own country as one of these players. Think back to 1973, when the CIA supported the coup which overthrew the newly elected Socialist president of Chile. Why? Our government did not think Allende was in line with America’s thought process and policy goals. In other words, Allende was a Socialist who supported policy goals which included nationalization of specific industries owned by U.S. corporations. Speaking of influencing, America also tried by spending billions of dollars and the loss of 58,000 American lives to determine the outcome of Vietnam’s future direction as a country. Contrary to what we were taught and told, it was not to spread the rise of Communism across Southeast Asia. On a smaller scale but still an attempt to influence elections and overthrow several countries leaders, how many years did American transmitters blare U.S. news and music into these countries with which we were at odds with. Yes, Radio Free Europe, Radio Free Cuba, why I’m sure there was even a Radio Free North Korea prior to U.S. intervention. Recently, who can forget America’s support of the Arab Spring which led to the overthrow of Arab leaders which included Libya’s Khadafy and Egypt’s Mubarak. Were democracies established after their ousters? Hell no. How about the U.S. overthrow of the Hussein government years later after his removal from Kuwait? Were did this get us as a country and how many lives and American dollars were wasted in this war? Some countries, contrary to what we may think as a nation are not and never will be democracies. They don’t know differently and never will. Yes, they are best ruled by one leader who can unite all various factions into one central government, democracy or not. This though is a different subject which I will not address at this time. Our focus here is how a country tries to influence the outcome of another countries elections whether through monies or military intervention. It doesn’t matter if that country rules by force or by a democracy. It is still another countries attempt to influence the outcome of another nations elections either through spending or direct military intervention. Also, who can forget Obama’s attempt to influence the outcome of the last Israeli general election by contributing U.S. tax dollars to an organization which ultimately worked against Prime Minister Netanyahu’s reelection. Included in this help were campaign personnel from the Obama 2012 reelection campaign. Lastly, it has been stated the reasons for which the Russian government allegedly interfered in the U.S. elections is for Secretary of State Clinton’s approval of Russian demonstrations against President Putin’s reelection in 2011. Yes, in Russia the voter turnout is usually 100% and the leader in charge usually gets close to 100% of the vote despite the fall of communism 27 years prior. That’s just the way it is. Intervene all you want but your attempts will not lead anywhere except a dead end. Yes, intervention in other countries electoral affairs happens all the time in all degrees of involvement. Russia has done it as well but perhaps not to the degree and number of times the United States has intervened in other countries elections. Does anyone besides the Czechoslovakian people remember the overthrow of Party Secretary Dubcek in 1968 Soviet leaders who believed he was to liberal and not in agreement with Soviet policy? How about the Soviet intervention and involvement in Afghanistan in 1979 done to keep a government in power which supported Moscow. On a smaller scale, let us not forget about the Tanzanian government sending troops to help the Uganda National Liberation Front in 1979 overthrow Idi Amin Dada? Intervention in another countries electoral affairs happens everyday and there is nothing that can be done to stop it, not even economic sanctions. It happens in all degrees, grand and small. Are they right or wrong? I am not in a position to answer this, that must be left up to a force that is far greater and holier than this ordinary man. So this leaves us with the question did the Russian Government (Putin) intervene in our countries recent electoral process and to what degree did they intervene? There is no evidence the Russians hackers figured out how to manipulate the computer codes in the rural counties of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida and Wisconsin to increase republican votes to counter the large amount of left leaning votes which poured out of the large cities led by liberal democratic mayors. Does anyone see county officials in the rural areas of these states in charge of voting now driving a new Ferrari or now vacationing in the Canary Islands? I doubt it and if it did happen you can be assured they would soon be the subject of an FBI probe. Yes, perhaps there was an attempt by Putin to peddle Russian influence but not to the degree the Democratic leaders want us to believe. They did not determine the outcome of the November 8, 2016 presidential election. There has always been American attempts to try and interfere in Russian elections if only by swaying public opinion behind the scenes. It happens every election cycle by both countries and will continue to happen every election cycle. It will not lead to direct conflict between the two countries. That is reserved for third tiered countries by the United States and Russian governments. Lastly, although I believe the Wikileaks came from sources not affiliated with the Russian government I believe left leaning Americans truly have to question what would have been wrong to have found out how corrupt the Democratic Parties nominee truly was whether it was through Pay To Play or longstanding lying to Congress from Russian involvement. Had the Clinton/Kaine ticket been elected over Trump, it is likely our county would have never found out the extent of her corruption. Truth is truth no matter what source it comes from. Thank you, Mr. Assange, even if the source was Russia. So one might ask where does this leave us? Absolutely right back from where we started. Intervention at any level in other countries electoral process will continue to happen and when it is between the superpowers it is up to each country to have the proper safeguards in place to guarantee there is no negative outcome by the intervention. Short of a direct intervention, these games will continual to be played and will not change. Direct intervention by the super powers will always be left for third world countries. Was there Russian intervention into our electoral process? “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

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Contrary to what you may believe or how you feel after the outcome of the recent presidential race, the men were geniuses, nothing more nothing less. By men, I mean our Founding Fathers. Even after two hundred and twenty seven years the United States still has a form of government which truly works. Our Founders knew exactly what they were doing when they wrote and established the Electoral College as part of the Constitution. Though some may wonder why we do not have a popular vote which selects the President, you must first come to grips with the fact at the federal level our country was set up as a Republic not a Direct Democracy. That is, we elect people to directly represent us and to maintain and establish the laws for good of the governed. Only in a few instances, do we have a Direct Democracy i.e. state, local elections and referendums. Hence, the Electoral College was written into our constitution. Additionally, if is safe to say the Founding Fathers did not have much faith in the common man being able to select a proper candidate for the presidency. Arrogant, perhaps they were, but then again if I was a genius and was writing my countries laws and governmental guidelines I probably would be as well. The Electoral College afforded them the buffer they felt was necessary rather than only having a popular vote for the office. The common man would therefore not be able to be manipulated by one candidate seeking the office. Also, the College afforded rural states a say so in the selection process as well. By having the minimum of three votes in the in the presidential selection process all states would matter when voting. Candidates even back then would have to campaign in all areas and not just campaign for the popular vote in New York, Boston and Philadelphia. Each state was afforded a certain number of votes and nothing more.This is why our founding fathers were the geniuses they were.The College leveled the playing field and made all states an equal part of the equation. Even Georgia, an original colony would have a say so in the outcome of the presidential race. Two hundred and twenty seven years later the system still works. All fifty states have a voice into the selection process. Candidates need only campaign in the states that will get them to 270 electoral votes. Thus a Republican candidate can write off California, Illinois and New York and other blue states while a Democrat can write off the given red states. There is only one goal and that is to reach 270 Electoral votes. All states determine the outcome of the race not a handful. And so that brings us to tomorrow’s meeting of the electoral college. The Electors will vote for the parties candidate who won the state’s popular vote. Though there have been several attempts by outsiders to circumvent their obligation, it has never worked nor will it ever work. In other words, the race is now over and popular vote does not enter into it. It’s called the Electoral College, it has worked for two hundred and twenty seven years and will work for two hundred and twenty seven more. Tomorrow after each state’s College has voted America will have a Republican President. 270 electoral votes not 2,000,000 more popular votes than the other candidate, that is all that is needed.

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Merry Christmas~

About two weeks ago, I decided to start winding down on my political rhetoric be it from a partisan or nonpartisan viewpoint. I decided it was time to let Hillary supporters come to grips with the fact there was still no road to 270 electoral votes and to let Bernie’s boys and girls come to grips with the fact the DNC had rigged the primaries against him. As a result of the fix, there was no way Bernie could win but they would at least be able to take credit for moving Hillary further to the political left. A move which turned out to be music to the ears (and a catalyst for voting} of the Deplorables and Reagan Democrats (aka the Rustbelt) on November 8, 2016. Resulting from this, we have seen the President Elect making several Thank You tours through out the red states in the past few weeks. Deember 13th’s stop in West Allis, Wisconsin gave the American people a taste of things to come. It is apparent the days of political correctness are gone. Yes, those days are history. The President Elect did something I can honestly say I have never seen in any type of political speech. In fact, I do not even recall seeing it or hearing it under that other popular Republican President who served two terms in the 1980’s by beating his opponents in landslides. So what am I referring to? I think by now you have guessed it. Mr. Trump had two words written below him on the podium. Yes, while you watched him speak you saw two very special words. Words that couldn’t help but make millions of Americans feel proud tonight. MERRY CHRISTMAS. Additionally, he ended his speech in West Allis by saying those two magical words MERRY CHRISTMAS. Yes, folks political correctness is over and yes America is a Christian nation. “That’s just the way it is, some things will never change” whether you want to believe it or not…..

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What Type of Society Have We Become?

Earlier today I took the Tics on a  walk thorough Trinity Park located just up the road from Texas Christian University (TCU.) It is a beautiful park serving many people whether it be through riding the small trains with your children, running, picnicking, riding bikes or walking your dog. Being well maintained it is is utilized 365 days a years. Despite this, the park has no water fountains so it is best to bring your own which I do. After walking a bit, the hounds and I took a break on a park bench. While enjoying the beautiful day several people walked past us. Included in the people were older couples, runners, students and people walking their dog. Off in the distance I spotted a park bench but was unclear what was on it. It appeared to have garbage strewn about and with something on the bench.With curiosity winning out, I immediately got up and walked toward the bench. As we got closer the garbage strewn about was actually someones belongings and what I thought were bags on the bench was actually a woman who appeared to be in her late thirties. Her clothing was dirty and she was quite disheveled. As I approached her, I noticed a small kitten peeking out from her soiled denim jacket. I immediately said hello and the woman promptly responded. She appeared to be taken by surprise someone would stop to say hello and check on her. We talked and I was able to to pet her small kitten. As we chatted her mind would wander and she would start talking about how God would provide for her and her small friend. It was at that point, I began to wonder how many people had already passed her today and wondered where the police were to remove what they perceive as garbage from the park. Additionally, I began to wonder how far we had degenerated as a society to allow this to happen to anyone in 2016. As an American society, we can no longer close our eyes. We need to address this problem now. Additionally, change needs to begin within all of us. We do not need to wait for the government to intervene. Even the slightest help we can provide is appreciated by our fellow citizens. As I said goodbye to the woman, I gave her my unopened bottle of water for her and the kitten. I also knew I had $18 in my wallet and gave it to her. She immediately replied with “Thank you sir, we can eat for the next few days.” As I walked away I only wished there had been a cash station nearby. I would have given her more.

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A Sore Loser


It had to have been close to 4 1/2 months since I had last seen Joe. Our paths had crossed each other several times thru the years at Old School Forest Preserve. I believe he was a draftsman for The Hollister Corporation in Libertyville. He liked to get away way from his job by eating and then running the trails at Old School. Our paths initially crossed around the Fall of 2009 when he stopped his car to pet the Blue Tics. I distinctly remember Joe telling me his wife would not allow any pets in the household for either him or the children. Of course, being the diplomat I am I refrained from offering my opinion on this matter (yes it was hard to do.) Over the years, we would run into each other quite often and the subject would vary from the kids to the American Political Scene. Yes, Obama could do no wrong in his eyes. Despite being on opposite sides of the political spectrum we still remained good friends and talked quite often when he was at the preserve. I walked the hounds everyday at Old School with living a mile from the preserve so our paths crossed often. Through the years we talked regularly. During the 2012 Presidential race he could not defends Obama’s record so Joe resorted to calling Mitt Romney, Rommel. As you recall Rommel was Hitler’s favorite Field Marshal who led the 1940 German invasion of France. I chose to ignore his ignorance and for sake of the friendship remained quiet. Back in 2012, Romney was a second choice for me as even then I wanted to see the new President Elect run and even wrote a bit on a possible Trump candidacy. As the years flew by and 2016 approached Joe started sporting a Bernie Sanders sticker on his car. At this point, all Joe could talk about was Bernie this and Bernie that. Looking back on it now, I think Joe actually thought the liberal could win and his kids remaining at home would get a free college education one day compliments of the U. S. taxpayer. As the summer approached we did not see each other but I am sure he soon became a Hillary die hard. Sure enough he had. After not seeing him for over four months (July, August, September and the first two weeks of November I ran into Joe this past Monday after being in Texas and The Door during this time. While driving thru the preserve I noticed his Red Toyota RAV 4 parked by the skating rink – his usual spot. I waited a couple of minutes before I saw him coming back. As I walked over to him to say hello and see how he was doing his first words to me were “Get away from me you – – – -ing Racist Pig. I’m calling the police and telling them you are harassing me.” He got in his car and started to speed away. He then stopped and came walking back yelling at me loudly. He walked up to me sticking his finger in my face telling me he was calling the police and again using the word racist often as he yelled loudly. All I could say was something like Joe don’t do something you will regret later. He then got back in his car and sped away towards the main entrance. As for me I was floored and essentially speechless after all this. Since then I have told a few people about this and they too could not believe a man in his fifties acted like this. Some have told me to call the HR Department at Hollister to inform them they have a man who appears a bit troubled and disturbed and is a candidate for anger management courses before he hurts a fellow Hollister employee. As I end this my question to all of you in FB land is “What would you do?” I would like your feedback.

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Lil Elmo’s Test

Ran into my old buddy Tommy Joe Breaux from Biloxi earlier today. As usual he was true to form and still telling jokes in his Cajun accent from the bayou country of southern Louisiana. We talked for a bit and then he left me with this one……

One day Big Elmo come home all axcite and tole his wife Marie dat he have a tess to do on Lil Elmo. Big Elmo go ova to de coffee table an on dat table he put a $10 bill. He say if Lil Elmo took dat he gonna be a money hungry banker. Den nex to dat he lay de Bible and say if he took dat he gonna be a long winded preacher man. An nex to dat he put a fif of whiskey an say if he took dat he gonna be a bum.
So Big Elmo and Marie go hide in de corner and here come Lil Elmo. Lil Elmo look averytang over. Den he put de $10 bill in his pocket, drows de Bible under his arm grabs de fif of whiskey an walk off.
In de corner, Big Elmo start to shook and he say, ‘Wall look at dat Marie, de boy’s gonna be uh politician.”

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Why n How Trump Won

Party politics aside, I as one who holds degrees in Political Science am starting to analyse what carried President Elect Trump to victory Wednesday morning. The one recurring theme I now see is first and foremost this was a campaign designed to win the hearts of the Silent Majority – the voter who was fed up with seeing the country donate billions of dollars abroad while failing to help the millions of people who had lost their jobs and now were struggling to make ends meet for themselves and their families. As the campaign went into the Fall season the Clinton campaign failed to see that Mr. Trump had in fact created a movement among the Silent Majority who only wanted good paying jobs and had reached the breaking point with being told they were not politically correct by the liberal media and educated class.Trump spoke what millions of Americans wanted to hear. With the exception of Israel, America would be first with the rest of the world second. Yes, it was time to make America great again by creating jobs and by loosening/changing restrictions on small business beginning with the elimination of Obamacare. Additionally, Clinton’s lack of business experience and Trumps success in the business world was music to the unemployed and politically incorrect Silent Majorities ears. Furthermore, the longer I think of this the more I believe I am correct, Hillary’s ad people designed a commercial that was meant to denigrate Trump but ended up working against them. Towards the end of the ad Mr. Trump says in front of a microphone they can go blank themselves. This backfired as the I am sure millions of Americans think or say this everyday including the liberal wing in this country. The only difference being is Mr. Trump is in a position to say this to whom ever he wishes, many Americans are not. This line also resonated with the Silent Majority since in many Americans eyes this country is now a pushover on the world stage since Obama has been in office. One can only imagine a U.S. President telling another foreign leader who disagreed with them to go blank themselves. Mrs. Clinton your ad was music to the ears of millions whether you want to admit it or not. The second important factor was Wikileaks. Mr. Assange’s constant bombardment of leaked emails showed the American people how arrogant and dishonest the Clinton’s truly were as they collected millions of dollars while she was Secretary of State. As each batch of thousands of emails were released by Wikileaks, Americans also saw how deep the corruption was and how connected Hillary and Bill truly were. As Trump would soon discover the line “Drain the swamp” was more music to the Silent Majorities ears.
With that, the campaign positions and stances on the positions fell right into place between the “more” Liberal Clinton (who had been forced to move more to the left by the Sander’s campaign) and the more conservative Trump. One of these issues which helped solidified her demise was when she stated at the last debate it was OK to abort a baby well into the nine month. This was a stance even the Democratic power structure had to gasp at, when the words were spoken. While Clinton was saying this, the Silent Majority was thinking to themselves save the baby even if it means the mother’s life. Clinton’s stance solidified millions of votes for The President Elect. The next issue playing right into Trump’s hands was “Build the wall” which would close the American – Mexican border. The Silent Majority was fed up with having to watch American jobs be offered to people who would work for less and who in many cases had entered this country illegally. The Silent Majority had had enough of what was perceived as having to accommodate the Spanish speaking population. Enough was enough.
Lastly, with having served as Obama’s Secretary of State she was forever tied to that administration. She could not escape it. She was tied to the failure to shore up Benghazi before four Americans were murdered. This played into Trump’s hand and the failure in many Americans eyes of Obama and Clinton to take out ISIS solidified the deal. Americans were ecstatic when Trump said it was time to knock the – out of them. Additionally, by saying in interviews and speeches he wouldn’t advertise the date the the U.S. would be arriving made Clinton look even weaker. Well played by the Trump campaign. In closing, this was the making of The Perfect Storm. No other Republican candidate could have pulled this off and the Democratic Party could not have nominated a candidate as inept and corrupt as Clinton. The Silent Majority had had enough and Donald Trump was their man. It was a match made in heaven and yes, it was “Time to drain the swamp.” On November 8th, 2016 the Silent Majority did just that.

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Make America Great Again~

It is widely accepted in Political Science academia American Presidents either excel in domestic or foreign policy. Rarely does a president excel in both arenas. Some such as Arthur, Hoover, Carter and Obama exceed in none. This is the way it has been since this country was founded and the way it always will be. Additionally, since the late 1990’s, America has been divided into roughly a 42% Republican and 42% Democrat scenario with 16% of the population independents/undecided determining the outcome of the presidential races. We again have that scenario in 2016. Also playing into the outcome of the election has been the Democratic candidates lack of honesty to the American people and investigation in illegal activities carrying felony repercussions. On the Republican side, we have a self made billionaire who has used foul language and allegedly taken advantage of women. All of these allegations seem to have disappeared into the clouds as the FBI turns its attention to The Clinton Foundation and the ongoing corrupt activities of the Democratic nominees campaign committee as well as herself. Entering into this equation is also a Pay For Play scheme developed to enhance the foundations coffers while serving as this countries Secretary of State. It is because of these ongoing investigations, I cannot nor would even consider supporting her for the office she seeks. The American people deserve better and the Democratic party certainly could have done better in their search for a nominee even if it meant party Chairman Wassermann not trying to influence the outcome of the Democratic party primary outcomes over Senator Sanders. America cannot afford to have a President marred in ongoing controversy and ongoing FBI investigations for her four year term. Also needing immediate attention is this countries 20 trillion dollar deficit. As a nation we cannot keep printing money to resolve our problems. The deficit needs immediate attention now. Clinton has failed to mention its existence in her ten year attempt to win our lands highest office. These are the reasons why I support Donald Trump for President. His extensive and successful business background offers our country a chance to manufacture products which can again compete in the international markets. Trump will stand up to these countries flooding the markets with their cheaply manufactured products and enact favorable legislation which will allow American businesses to grow and compete worldwide again. Trump has also spoken out for and addressed the concerns of the minorities while the Democratic party has again ignored them. The Democratic party only comes knocking every four years when their votes are needed. Additionally, Trumps concerns and hard line talk on taking out ISIS resonates loudly with many Americans, something largely ignored by the Democrats and their President the last eight years. This policy would continue under a Clinton presidency. Yes, Trump has his faults but let “he who is free from sin cast the first stone.” Yes America, we have major economic and foreign policy problems and a 20 trillion dollar deficit confronting us and yes we need to take steps forward not ones which will be marred in continuous controversy and ongoing federal investigations. America deserves to move forward but most of all it is time to “Make America Great Again.” Trump offers the American people this opportunity and finally gives this country hope again. Actual hope the nation “can believe in.” Trump is that hope.

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A Trip back into Time


OK, contrary to popular belief I do take breaks from the Political Arena and  The Door to focus on other areas even if just for a moment. The election will be over in five nights and our areas of discussion will turn to either tax cuts and wall building or orange jump suits and impeachment. In the meantime, I am going to take a walk down memory lane and partake in Throwback Thursday or as a FB buddy once called it Throw up Thursday. The picture posted below is from the mid 1980’s and features myself, my brother and sister, Gail and Guy. Yes, the late Commander was original with naming her three kids with the letter G. The picture is from a Halloween party I had at the American Legion Post in town. Gail appears to be Mrs. Robin Hood, Guy some sort of Japanese warrior (the military sword he is holding is from Burma my father brought back from a battle in WWII. Guy has the sword and I have the bloodstained and bullet hole ridden Japanese flag.) As for myself, I located enough clashing clothing to dress as a nerd. I even held off shaving for a day which for me is unusual as I have never been one for facial hair (though I did have a mustache for a short time in college.) Anyway, enough rambling. Here is is the Throwback Thursday photo of Gail, Guy and Grant (kinda has a smooth flow to it huh?)

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